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Greenstar Capital helps companies to reach their sustainability and ESG targets. We make exclusive markets within the energy transition accessible to investors.


We create investment opportunities in carbon allowances, environmental commodities and renewable energy. Our mission is to enable our investors to achieve outsized and uncorrelated returns by investing in new, alternative and sustainable asset classes. For our structures we meet the highest asset management standards while continuously striving for maximum transparency and innovation.

At Greenstar Capital we help companies reach their net zero targets by making energy input greener. For hard to abate emissions in scope 1 and 3 we offer off-set solutions to reach net zero targets. For this we work with projects of the highest quality. Greenstar Capital markets and finances projects in the renewables and carbon off-set spaces. Where we arrange full-offtake and finance for new and existing renewable energy and voluntary carbon offset projects.

The Greenstar Capital team brings more than 15 years of international experience in financial and environmental commodity markets, asset management, banking and brokerage. 


Physical Carbon Allowances Fund (EU-ETS)


From 2024 shipping will fall under the EU-ETS. Using our fund we can offer shipping full exposure on physical carbon allowances through our infrastructure and all necessary market knowledge to hedge against rising carbon allowances prices.

Greenstar Capital - Carbon Allowances Fund - Fonds Emissierechten.png


With our expertise and years of experience in purchasing, selling and creating hedging strategies, compliant industries can use our fund to be optimally hedged where incentives are alligned and physical carbon allowances can be transferred from our fund directly to your organization.


Our carbon fund is the first fund within the EU that provides all type of investors with the opportunity to invest in physical carbon allowances. A market that is scarce by design, which has large upside potential and is a direct investment in the European energy transition.

Monitoring market fluctuations


At Greenstar Capital we help you reach your ESG targets. We help companies greenify their power and gas usage. In addition we offer companies high quality carbon projects, alligned with your core business and sector to offset any remaining emissions. We can do this for your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. In addition, we help carbon and renewable energy projects with financing and marketing worldwide.


Herengracht 575-577, 1017 CD, Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 215 70 58

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