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Easy hedging of your EU ETS Exposure



With extensive experience in financial markets, and in compliance carbon markets around the world, Greenstar Capital offers market access and tailored risk management solutions for compliance buyers. This might relate to management of a budget, aligning purchases with production and facilitating easy, reliable passing on of costs.

Contact us using the form below for more information on how you can take control of your carbon risk, and to receive our free weekly EU ETS updates, and read our EU ETS explainer for an intro to what influences the carbon price here.

Greenstar Capital is the first fund in the EU to offer direct access to physical EU emission allowances. The fund tracks and aims to outperform the EU ETS market, with the guidance of our fund managers who have extensive experience in the carbon markets and use their expertise to the benefit of its participants. Several maritime companies are already participating and are protected against rising EU ETS prices.

  • Participation in the fund is an elegant interim solution and natural protection against rising European carbon prices.

  • No need for your own infrastructure – it’s just as simple as depositing money in the fund and we do the rest for our investors.

  • Maximum use of our market knowledge with aligned incentives, so no maximization of broker fees or intransparency / large spreads.

  • The fund is performing very well and outperforming the EU carbon market. It's more efficient than "do it yourself".

  • The team is highly experienced working in the carbon markets, including advising large corporates within the industries on buying, selling and hedging strategies. With our deep understanding of the EU ETS and our extensive market access we are able to identify arbitrage opportunities to optimize the returns of the fund.

  • Participation can be redeemed in cash or allowances.

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