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Getting ready for the EU ETS in 2024

In 2024 maritime shipping will be included in the EU ETS. ​Ship owners, managers and charterers will need to agree how to manage these costs, who should bear responsibility for purchasing, and who should bear responsibility for compliance, as well as will also need to agree on an approach to buying EUAs and passing costs on. 

As traders and fund managers with years of experience helping EU ETS compliance buyers, Greenstar Capital can help you take practical steps towards being EU ETS ready for 2024. 

Pass through of costs

- Tried and tested approaches to allow easy pass through of costs, avoid mistakes

- Devise an approach to buying EUAs according to your risk appetite and desired time commitment

- Reference prices to use in contracts, assistance with contract wording

- Ways to manage your cashflow at low cost

Budgeting and forecasting

- Historical analysis and forecasting of EUA prices, towards your passing on of costs and optimisation of strategy



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Book below to set your EU ETS strategy for 2024:

Market advisory

- Make educated decisions on your procurement

- Understand what moves the market, using our wealth of EU ETS experience, market data 

- Take a proactive approach to your EU ETS risk


- What you need to make carbon procurement easy - accounts, documentation and more

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