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Set up an EU Registry Account to hold EUAs

Compliance buyers need to set up an EU Registry Account with their assigned national administrator. 

Various types are available, depending on the type of business: Maritime Operator Holding Accounts, Aviator Operator Holding Accounts and Stationary Operator Holding Accounts are available. 

These must be set up with the correct administrator. 

Non compliance buyers can set up an EU Registry Trading Account, allowing them to hold spot EUAs. 

For information on costs associated with these accounts, rules on what national administrator non-EU companies will be assigned to, required documentation, and help with setting up an account, please contact us using the form to the right. 



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Download our guide to getting an EU Registry Account

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- Understand what moves the market, using our wealth of EU ETS experience, market data 

- Take a proactive approach to your EU ETS risk


- What you need to make carbon procurement easy - accounts, documentation and more

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