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Koen Verweij Joins Greenstar Capital

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

We are proud to announce that Koen Verweij has joined Greenstar Capital as per July 2022. As an Olympic and world speedskating champion, Koen knows what it takes to train and perform at an elite level. He set-up and ran a professional speedskating team. While training and competing, Koen arranged all matters on the management and funding side for his team.With his energy, ambition, entrepreneurial skills and winner mentality Koen represents exactly what Greenstar Capital stands for.

"I joined a great investment fund: Greenstar Capital. Where I will be responsible for setting up the commercial branch. Thanks to my entrepreneurial attitude as a skater, I now have the network to make the fund grow bigger in terms of liquidity and name recognition. I am grateful that I have already had a taste of the business world during my skating career, although I also know that I still have a lot to learn. I try to do that by learning from the best people in their respective fields. I ask a lot of questions, pay close attention and absorb all the information like a sponge. So far, I am getting along really well and this job gives me a lot of satisfaction. Meanwhile, I look back at the past with a smile on my face. I will go down in the books and be remembered as a colourful sportsman. In the future, there will always be something to do with Koen, but always in combination with the word success. Because believe me, I will always strive for the best."

To read the full article as published by De Telegraaf on 3 August 2022 please click on the following link: Exclusief afscheidsinterview Verweij: ’Met kennis van nu zou ik jongere Koen anders adviseren’ | Schaatsen |

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